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The Bondseal MMA and PU range of versatile Adhesives for Bonding Metal, Composite and Thermoplastic Substrates


  • Extremely high bond strengths in demanding applications.
  • Designed to cover a wide range of substrates and materials.
  • Compatible primers and cleaners developed for difficult to bond materials.
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Bondseal Range


Surface Preparation

Cleaners and De-greaser suitable as pre and post cleaners. Primers designed to seal and increase adhesion to porous surfaces, metal and glass, EPDM and rubber based products and Polyolefins and plastics with low surface energy.


2 Component Polyurethane Resins

A range of self-levelling, pourable polyurethane resins designed for potting and encapsulation applications. Fast reacting, non-foaming and with a shore hardness of D80, pot life range from 75 seconds up to 22 minutes (100g mix)


2 Component Clear Polyurethanes

A UV stable adhesive with optical clarity, suitable for glass, acrylics and polymeric materials, self-levelling. Also available an opaque adhesive in gel form, also suitable for glass, acrylics and polymeric materials.


2 Component Thixotropic Polyurethanes

A non-slumping, non-foaming polyurethane adhesive with excellent adhesion to metallic and plastic materials, cures to a shore hardness of D70, natural straw colour.


1 Component Moisture Cure Polyurethanes

A single component moisture cure polyurethane adhesive, high viscosity suitable for manual application. Waterproof when cured and resistant to extremes of temperatures available.


2 Component Methacrylate Adhesives

A range of high strength methacrylate adhesives, combining strength with impact resistance. Suitable for metallic and composite materials. Also available A fast cure version.