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The Protak range of adhesives offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of solvent-free products for the Packaging, Woodworking, Joinery and Furniture industries. The Protak range consists of Hot Melts, Membrane Press Adhesives, PVAs and Urea Formaldehydes.


Protak adhesives are used in many industry sectors including:

  • Panel lamination
  • Decorative panel manufacture
  • Vinyl wrapped doors
  • Furniture assembly
  • Packaging and bookbinding
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Hot Melts

Book Binding

This range of hotmelts is ideal for

  • Woodworking
  • Packaging
  • General Product Assembly
  • Mattress Production

With growing environmental awareness, Protak hot melts offer a solvent-free, low odour solution to solvent based and flammable adhesives.

Protak woodworking hot melts offer a full range of products for a variety of finishing and decorative woodworking applications such as edgebanding, profile wrapping and softforming.


  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Various viscosities and open times to suit a range of production processes
  • High strength but flexible bonds and excellent heat resistance
  • Suitable for use on all types of application machinery
  • Pressure sensitive grades available
  • Clear Grades Available
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Membrane Press Adhesives


This range of hotmelts is for

  • Vinyl Wrapped doors.

Protak membrane press adhesives have been specially developed for the production of vinyl wrapped doors. This range of single and two component cross linking adhesives satisfies the performance requirements for durability of surface and adhesion of BS6222 Part 3 1999 'Domestic Kitchen Equipment' as tested by FIRA.


  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Reduced pressing times
  • Perfect sprayability
  • Produces a uniform surface finish, minimising the "orange peel effect"
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Garden furniture

This range of PVAs is for

  • Assembly
  • Automatic Dowelling
  • Lamination
  • Surfacing
  • Edge Decoration

Protak assembly PVAs are high strength but provide a bond line that doesn't fracture over time. The finished bonds are flexible enough to withstand movements not only in the expansion and contraction of the wood itself, but also the general wear and tear of the finished product.


  • Ideal for absorbent, non-absorbent and difficult to bond substrates
  • High strength and excellent creep resistance
  • Dries to opaque or clear bond line
  • D2, D3 and D4 grades available

Protak dowelling PVAs have been formulated to provide a range of adhesives that are suitable for use on all types of automatic injection equipment. The adhesives are properly filtered in the production process to remove any impurities which might block the jet of the glue gun.


  • Grades suitable for both low or high pressure machinery
  • High dry resin content to ensure quick setting
  • Long open times to avoid skin formation

Protak PVAs for lamination, surfacing and edge decoration are an extremely versatile range of products that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • High strength with grades that dry to a clear bond line
  • Ideal for a range of substrates including difficult to bond materials
  • Various viscosities and open times to suit a range of production processes
  • Grades suitable for automatic glue spreaders

Urea Formaldehyde Resin

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Urea Formadehyde is used for

  • Furniture assembly
  • Veneer laying
  • Plywood construction
  • Hollow core panels
  • Membrane pressing veneers
  • Radio frequency bonding

Protak UF200 is a urea formaldehyde resin with low formaldehyde emission for the production of class E1 panels.

UF200 can be used either hot or cold.

UF200 is a self-hardening powder, requiring the addition of water to give a resin with a short setting time and exceptional bond strength.


  • Operator friendly
    No complicated mixing of components is required, simply add water.
  • Long pot life
    UF200 has a pot life of 5 hours allowing long production periods without the need for frequent downtime to prepare more adhesive.
  • Fast setting
    The setting time for UF200 is 60-70 seconds at 100C, ensuring a quick and efficient production process.
  • Long Shelf Life
    With a shelf life of 6 months, UF200 offers customers the option of cost savings through bulk buying.
  • Cost effective
    50% extra glue can be produced by mixing the water and powder 2:1 by weight making UF200 a cost effective option for many customers.
  • Adaptable to individual requirements
    By adjusting the quantity of water that is added, the viscosity and setting times of UF200 can be adapted to suit a wide variety of production requirements.
  • Meets industry classifications
    UF200 meets the E1 Low Emission classification as well as the finished bonds meeting EN314 class 1, BS2555 INT and DIN 705 IF20.
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